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Welcome to my Taraone YouTube channel. On this channel I will be doing meditations, affirmations and spirit message readings. On this channel i will mostly work with oracle cards, chakras, and other spiritual tools as i am guided.


This meditation is for mind clearing, relaxations and affirmations to clear your mind and to help you think positive to clear away negative thoughts.  This can help you redirect your thoughts and help you focus on those things that are more positive in your life.  You can start this exercise  by taking a deep breath and slowly breathing in and out. Try to focus on those things that you desire the most. Try to relax yourself as you’re taking a deep breath. As your slowly breathing out I want you to relinquish the things that has given you anxiety or caused you to feel stressed about a particular situation.  Try to  use this meditation to release your frustrations as you join me on this relaxing journey.

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