Libra Tarot Reading For January 2017


The Three Of Wands

There might have been some delays in some things that might have been in relationship, career or life purpose. You might have come across some obstacles on your journey. WIth the Six of Wands coming in your future says that there will be great success for you in the things you desire.


9 of Wands (Reversed)

The nine of wands tells me that you have been persevering through challenges maybe even obstacles. It looks as though that you had a shift in direction possibly on your life purpose are a personal situation. You have great passion and you have a determination to move forward with the nine of wands. However you might have come across a project are a situation that you needed to re-evaluate and possibly do over. With the nine of wands you may be in a place that you’re trying to rethink things out or restructure some things in your life. Also I see with the nine of wands that you might have dealt with the situation that was very emotional. There may be some delays ahead that may cause you to redo some things are revamp some projects in your life. This restructuring that you may do on your life purpose, this may be a career are work related situation or a relationship. Your determination and focus on what you desire to do have been re-directed for the good.

The Three of Swords

Whether it’s a relationship that you may have felt that the passion has died down. There may have been some disappointments that have happened this might be in a relationship are it could be a situation. You were trying to build with the three of wands and you may have come to a point that you didn’t feel that passion and that fire. You could be at a crossroads of re-thinking things over doing away with the old and starting a new.


The Six of Wands

It looks like in the future whether it’s six weeks or six months you will find that successful path are that opportunity that you have been looking for. The six of wands speaks about success and opportunity. This may be success in the form of a promotion or a breakthrough that will add increase to your life. If it’s a relationship for six of wands says that things are going to work out in your favor.


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