Libra Lovescopes For May

Life has quite possibly been stressful and difficult for you lately. It is alright for you to readjust your focuses for the time being more towards your passions. Now is the perfect time to invest yourself and your time in what you desire. It is quite possible that an office romance might spring up in the upcoming days.

Romance and love are right up your alley. Conflict may have been in your life lately, but this is the perfect time to step back, get some perspective, and, if needed, take a new path. You are in the right place to either fall in love again or strengthen the connection with your current lover. The planets are in great positions for your romantic life. As Venus tours your relationship sector it will entwine with the planet of unconditional love: Neptune. With Neptune in your romance sector there is little to hold you back from an amazing love affair.

It is vital for you to feel secure and safe, especially at home at this point in your life. You actually might be feeling pretty solid and sound right now, which opens up a great chance for you to step outside of your comfort zone a little and shake things up emotionally. Don’t be afraid to reach out. This is also a good time for you to focus on your domestic life and sooth your soul. You and your partner might enjoy decorating or organizing your home to give your living space a firm feeling of comfort.

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