Libra Love Scopes For March

This week your mind and heart are likely to be very emotional. Enjoy this heightened sensitivity as you go throughout your week. Venus has been in your romance sector recently which is a very good thing for your romantic life, but it is now moving into your work and health sector. This doesn’t mean that your chances of romance have moved on, however, it just means that it may reveal itself in a different way. You have good odds of becoming intimate with a coworker or meeting someone at the gym. So get ready for the unexpected events and love that will happen into your life. This season get ready for options that you will have choices that you will have in love. When you meet someone and you’re not really sure what his/her intentions are, use your intuitive ability  that you’re blessed with. Libra get a feel of where that person is coming from. Always moves slow in and meeting someone in getting to know that person. Definitely this is the season for you to find love and the  passion in your life. I see now you finally deserve it, so get ready to embrace the passion and the love that you’re looking for.




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