Libra Love Scopes

Sep 23-Oct 22

LibraeditLibra don’t doubt yourself, you are capable of being a dependable and caring partner so stop over analyzing the situation. Try to open yourself a bit to the possibility of reconciliation of to your current  relationship or new love life. Don’t let your mood swing ruin the potential happy ever after with your Mr. or Ms. Right. If this is a new relationship understand that it does take time to get to know that new person in your life. Try not to jump to conclusion about the person. Remember that is it a learning process for you and your partner when you’re in a new relationship. Knowing that your deep desire is an equal partnership, a desire for balance and relationship  along with the comfort of family and you find that this is a  longing that you have when it comes to relationship. However it seems that the challenge is finding the right one for you.  Libra try to pace yourself when it come to dating, gather your thoughts and think about what you really desire in a relationship. Make that a topic of discussion when you meet that new person, see if you two have similar things in common. 

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