Libra Forecast For August

Libra Forecast For August


There are different possibilities on the horizon for you when it comes to your love life, but you should at least gain some clarity which you may need now. During this period of time you have noticed that you are very sensitive to what other people need and want. This is also likely to be a rather social week and you will find yourself drawn to conversations and interacting with others. If you are single this might happen to be the time for someone special to notice you and make a move—or it might go the other way and you may confess your feelings. Whether you are single or not you can look forward to romantic coherence and love this week.


Venus is currently in your career sector, and she will be shaking things up in your job. In fact, it is quite possible that one or more very large, drastic events may take place. It is very rare that Venus would enter your career sector so early in year, a phenomenon which only happens every eight years. Once every 24 years, which also happens to be this year, Venus also aligns with lucky Jupiter. This is extraordinarily good news for your career, news which doesn’t come around for decades. Keep your eyes peeled for open doors and other good things; but you probably won’t have to look very hard.

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