Leo Lovescopes For May

Leo this will be a week of magnetism and attraction which will be primarily directed on you. You will be receiving a lot of attention which you will most likely end up enjoying. An office romance may even be in store for you at the end of the week because of your undeniable chemistry, but be careful about potential consequences. You will have better luck if you don’t let your ego get the better of you, and if you are married you will also be enjoying a romantic week.

Your partner might concern if your ok or how everything is going. Don’t push him aside, face the reality, you too might feel that you are distant or disconnected today. Some personal issues might be bothering you, it’s time to make appease with yourself, and if that means setting an appointment with your doctor or a simple spa treatment to relax and meditate then be it. Once you have that inner peace intact, everything will follow. Your partner will understand just explain it to him before you go no avail. Single? Before considering of sharing yourself with someone, make sure that you are complete even just by yourself. If you are not happy being single, having boyfriend will never fix that happiness issue.


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