Leo Lovescopes For June

Leo Lovescopes For June

Good things are in store for you love life this upcoming week, so keep your head up and look for the sparks. Lucky Jupiter and passionate Venus will both partner up in your relationship sector which is a double blessing for romance in your forecast. If you were on the verge of a breakthrough in your relationship or waiting for things to line up with a crush you’ve had your eye on this will be the time for your romantic dreams to unite. If you are single there is likely to be some attention focused on you and a secret admirer may even step forth. You may have trouble expressing your emotions especially if you are the one to make the first move this week, but don’t lose hope. The Full Moon during the middle of the week will challenge any inhibitions or excuses you currently have and motivate you towards taking action. If you are already in a relationship you can expect a lot of joy and wonderful times with your partner. If you do end up facing any challenges, which is only natural from time to time, you can still retain a rewarding week by keeping your cool. Let things cool off and get back to reaping the rewards which Venus and Jupiter have in store for you. You can expect good things for the most part this week, and it may do you a lot of good to look for romantic patterns, whether you are single or not, in order to discover the answers you need.

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