Leo Love Scopes For February

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leoeditLeo you might feel a little too emotional this Valentines day, don’t fret  this to will pass. You just need to be more open with your partner and express what causes your anxiety, if you feel your past needs closure or maybe it’s his ex that makes you feel uncomfortable. You might  worry that he may not understand you. Why don’t you give it a shot and give him a  chance to work out his comforting skills.

If your single,  make sure that you settle your unnecessary baggage before jumping into a relationship. The thought of having someone who will stick with you might sound tempting now, but only with  closure you can make a fresh start.

It’s okay to move forward with someone as long as you  close the doors to your pass. Remember to make sure that the doors are closed,  not cracked but closed shut. This will give you the ability to move forward. You will find that once you  close the doors to your past and not make the same repeated mistakes, then  love will enter  into your life. 

If you’re in a relationship the symbol of  Leo is strength. Having that special connection with that special someone is  key to your relationship. as well as building a foundation of trust is very important to you. A matter of fact it’s so extremely important to you that it’s  the core of  unity in your life.

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