Leo Love Scopes

July 23 – August 22

leoeditLeo your feeling upset for your partner did not meet your needs? Don’t be. Don’t blame it all on your partner, this should call you to try to be more open with your partner. communicate, most of the time you dwell on the thought that your partner must have understood, but be reasonable. Ask yourself, have you done your part letting your partner know, how you want certain things to be dealt with? To avoid these petty disagreements try to strengthen your foundation and it will start with an open line of communication. Sometimes the constant repetitive talking may bring the relationship through some tense challenges. It’s ok to back up and give yourselves some breathing room. Remember this is not an end but a time for reflection to gather your thoughts. If single  lately you’ve been feeling a little to reluctant to move forward because you still find yourself holding on to the past. Now is the time to liberate yourself from your past, it is now time to move forward to a new beginning in love. It’s ok to take the risk with love again. Belive It will be better than the last time around and try not to allow fear to hold back your blessings. 

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