Leo Love Scopes


July 23- August 22

Leo you need to understand that there are no two people who is exactly the same, even twins have differences, therefore it is just right to keep realistic expectations with your partner. You cannot expect someone to know exactly what’s running in his/her mind, so take time to work out a more open communication with your partner. He/She might not understand you right away, but eventually as you grow in your relationship, it will be easier for him/her to understand the depth of your thoughts. This is the time for the both of you to shine and express how you feel about each other. Go out and enjoy a dinner of celebration or maybe a surprise gift that will bring a smile. sometimes with your busy lives you make neglect to say “I Love You’, now is the season  to do just that and not to take each other for granted. Slow down and realize the jewel you have, realize the strength in your relationship, realize the unity and the bond that you worked so hard for over the past years.

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