Leo Love Scope For April



Leo you may want to start spending more time with your partner, even though you don’t want to admit it,but you are about to reach your breaking point and you need to have someone who will support you at the moment as you let down all your guards. You can always put up a façade and fool the people around you and appear everything is okay, but sooner or later you need to accept that doing so wears you out.

Leo if  your  Single don’t let your loneliness drag you in an instant relationship for the sake of loneliness. It may help when you confide in  your trusted friends for company or give some quality time with your family. Finding company doesn’t always mean finding yourself a date or a romantic relationship. Try not to allow your past situation to  dictates your decision regarding  your future relationships, you might wake up one day regretting the impulsive decision you made just for the sake of not wanting to be alone. Try not  to view yourself as being alone or as someone unloved and unwanted. Take time out to get to know what you really want out of a relationship. Take time out to follow your  hearts desire and your passion and not settle for less than what you desire.  Next time pace yourself as you move slow in a relationship and learn not to move too fast with your heart, but getting to know the person within.

Leo Horoscope 2015 (Volume 5)


Once you get to know yourself, and the person within, you will also learn how to maintain it. it’s not about the words that say, “I love you” It’s about finding the right type of love for you and  how you can hold on and make it ever lasting. It’s about learning that a person actions can speak louder than their words. Take time out to listen to what your new partner is saying, see if he’s using the words  that involve the both of you, more than only himself. This can be one of the  qualities that you look out for to see if he’s a person that cares about you in a relationship.  The love between two people should be shared  equally and not only one-sided.


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