Leo Forecast For December


Leo if you are traveling on the road and single there is a very promising chance that you will meet someone and hit it off. This will probably lead to a deeper connection and an interest to stay in touch and perhaps become deeply involved. Leo during the middle of the week many couples may begin to crave or exhibit extremes in their relationship and this could lead to unhappiness and negative results with your loved one. Instead try to seek the middle ground and look for shades of gray. Keep a balanced perspective. If you play your cards right the week will be intellectually and romantically exciting.


Leo if you are looking for a better position, promotion, or even just a better job, you may find yourself disappointed. Even though you feel like you are perfectly qualified it is okay, the timing just wasn’t right for you. Leo your goals are still on the table and you still have an excellent chance of making some formidable steps forward this week. This is also a good period of time for you to be frugal, and you may find yourself naturally cutting off unnecessary spending. Stick close to your intuition and be precise when discussing business matters with clients.

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