Leo Forecast For August

Leo Forecast For August


Your career and romantic life might intermingle this week, and that may not be exactly what you want, depending on how engulfed in your job you are, and if you are taking your problems in a negative way to your partner. It is possible that your lover may be able to give you some enlightening input if you deal your cards right, but there is also a risk that you will bring that authority you must administer at work back home, which you don’t want. If you find yourself doing this just take a little break from personal matters for the time being. You can always come back to them after you have gotten through the week.


It is possible that you had a rough time recently. Last week might have had some tribulation and trials in it, but now the sailing will be much smoother. Not only will you have some perspective given your difficulties last week, you will also have brand new chances ahead of you in your career path. Mercury  in retrograde motion in your career sector and this is a good thing for you right now. Enjoy your sense of clarity and the positive energies you are getting.

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