Gemini Lovescopes For June

Gemini Lovescopes For June

Gemini there are some exciting developments in your sign this week, and the other good news is that Jupiter has already been in your true love sector helping you out in the romantic department for quite some time. Now Venus will be making its way into your romantic sector which means only more good things are bound to come your way. The first part of the week, before Venus makes its wonderful and dramatic

entrance into your romantic sector, will be more for relationships and other connections. Mercury and the Sun are aligned in your communication sector which will give your relationships a power boost by keeping the lines of communication open. If there are unspoken thoughts and feelings which need to be said this week will embrace them, and what’s more the Full Moon during the middle of the week will clear the air. If you are single follow your heart, gut, and your dreams and be confident that the stars are in your favor backing your decisions. If you have to focus on work somewhat during the week that is alright, but by the end of the week make sure you get into the good vibes and energy that are blossoming. It is possible that you may even reunite with an old crush or run into one another by accident, and if so, embrace the opportunity. Look forward to long-term relationships blooming, and if you are already in a relationship there is plenty of good news too. Follow the romantic impulses that lead you to new and exciting places and don’t hold back the good things coming to you and your partner.

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