Gemini Love Tarot Reading February 2017


With the Chariot You may be at a point where you are really making some positive choices and decisions. If you’re single I do see big changes for you. You may be at a point where you desire to see change. A relationship that will go somewhere or have more of a direction. This is in your past, this may have been some past thoughts as well.


5 of cups (reverse)

With the 5 of cups this may be why you are moving away. With the 5 of cups in the tarot. With the 5 of cups in reverse says that you are moving forward and moving in a more positive direction. With the 5 of cups you have the two of cups there that symbolize new opportunities for new love. You may have closed the door on a past relationship and you’re ready move forward. With the chariot you seem to be really focused on the direction you desire to go.


Knight of Pentacles

With the Knight of Pentacles in reverse you might have felt that you wanted more security and stability in the relationship. This may have been the reason why you desired move forward. There might have been some type of pressure that caused a break up in a relationship.


Ace of Wands

Sense that you may have a new love or passionate love in your life. There look like With the Ace of Wands there will be something coming up in the future ahead with a new or old relationship.


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