Gemini Love Scopes

May 21 – June 20

GeminieditGemini since you are a natural charmer and love being surrounded by people make sure that you don’t take for granted your special someone or potential partner, there is a big risk that you are throwing diamonds and picking up stones. If already married, especially for women, it is okay to convey with your husband how you value equality and self-worth just make sure that you make your priorities right. Gemini expect a secret admire to approach you around the new year, the person may have been holding in feeling close to his heart, but now he/she may feel that now it is time to finally express what’s on their heart. It may take time to process this new earth-shaking news, it may also come as a shock. Remember to keep things in perspective and remember to give yourself time to process the amusing information. Gemini you also may feel like you want to team up with your mate for the new year and do something new and exciting to enhance the relationship. Make sure you listen to your partners views and thoughts on the matter, so your new project can inspire you to work as a team. Remembering that taking one day at a time will get you there with a clear vision with your partner. 

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