Gemini Love Scopes

Gemini Love Scopes  (May 21- June 21)

GeminieditGemini You are known as the clever communicator and nothing beats a partner who can talk sense, even on the very sticky situation, and that is just what you are. Gemini you have the ability to  talk anything smoothly, and this quality will be useful for you this week, especially if you will add a bit of patience. There will be rough patches along the way this week with your partner or potential love interest, it is just a phase and the key to overcome the said bumps is to look at the bigger picture and a lot of patience. Take time out to listen to your partner as he/she finish every word, then take the opportunity to speak as your share your wisdom on controversial topics. Remember that the trust and love you have for each other will get you through those rough spots and bring you closer each time.  Try not to jump to any negative conclusion in regards to your relationship, remember that getting to know each other is a growing process, not the  end. Remember to think positive and you will find that the positive energy will come back to you.

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