Gemini Forecast For September


With Venus in your sign love and romance will be at their height in your life, whether you are single or not. Venus will link with Pluto during the week and this will only intensify your feelings. It will be impossible for you to put aside the attraction or love you feel for someone, whether you are already in a relationship with them or not. What makes this even better is that the planets will endow you with a magnetism that also makes you irresistible. Give in to romance this week and let your true feelings flow freely for the one you love. Trust in yourself, have confidence in everything you have to offer, and just allow those feelings to blossom.


Although there are a lot of promising opportunities in store for you this week you will also have to be willing to do a lot of hard work. Thankfully, that is usually a lot easier when you are excited about what you are doing and the direction you are going. This should be an exciting week for you, so working hard should be much easier. Use your charming personality as well as your communication and persuasive skills to expand your career interests. Make the right effort and work hard and you will stand out from the crowd and be noticed for your abilities. Trust your instincts and let your own motivation push you forward.

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