Gemini Forecast For August

Gemini Forecast For August

Love Forecast

The planet of love, Venus, will be in your communication sector for an entire week. This is very good news, especially since Saturn, the planet of limitation—and commitment—has been in your relationship sector, but it is now departing. It is important to keep the lines of communication open between you and your lover this week. It was also only a week ago that the Full Moon took place in your relationship sector, which also could have mixed things up a little between you and your partner. There is a lot of activity going on in your sign, and you can expect a big relationship breakthrough, but you must keep the doors to your heart open and confront what needs to be said.

Career Forecast

The same as in your relationship, there is also a considerable amount of planetary activity going on in your career sector. A lot of their involvement will bring good tidings, however, with the Moon coming into your career sector. This will give you a little balance, and aid you by sharpening your professional intuition and instincts. Neptune will turn retrograde in your career, and this implies there might be some form of change in your job. Stay calm and collected and have faith that whatever is meant to be will be—just put your best foot forward.

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