Gemini Forcast For November

Gemini Forecast For November


When it comes to love and romance, chances are your thoughts and dreams are in the sky as your fantasies roam wild. You have a fresh sense of creativity and confidence and these things may give you refuge if there are difficulties in the week ahead. Although your mind is running free with fantastic ideas you may have to deal with some less fanciful, more realistic problems on the table. This is a good time for risks, so long as they are not too dangerous. Don’t hold yourself back from expression your love and feelings and letting your sense of adventure take over when it comes to relationships.


Because your sense of expression and imagination will be unleashed this week there is a chance that you may mention some somewhat outlandish ideas at work, so be careful. Many of these thoughts may be gold, but be cautious, especially when giving advice. Make sure you think twice before saying anything too important. This looks like a good week for professionals, freelancers, and businessperson in general. You may want to take this time to go on a short trip or get acquainted with peers.

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