Full Moon 10 Spread Tarot Readings

Unveiling Secrets

Introducing an example of one of my  10 card spread full moon tarot reading. This is called the celtic spread tarot reading. The readings that you see on my YouTube channel are examples on how I do a full 10 cards spread reading. This spread tells you the energies that surround  your situation what is to come ahead of you and what your outcome may be. This spread will give you insight on what is to come ahead of you concerning your situation if you decide to choose a certain path according to your freewill.

Tarot readings are good to give you insight on a pressing situation that you have been struggling with. A personal tarot reading can give you a blueprint on your life’s journey.


There are a number of methods that can be used, such as the Celtic Cross method. Often times the simple 5-7 card spread is sufficient and provides the right guidance and insight. No matter what the reading is, it is always important to stay positive and see things for the best.

When I do spiritual readings I am guided by my spirit guides. You can find out more on how I use my intuition by reading my E-book here. They give me the clarification and divine perception I need in order to interpret the meaning of the cards and how they pertain specifically to your life. Connecting with your guides is deeply a spiritual practice, and involves getting in touch with your intuition and powers beyond the senses, it is important to have a close connection to spirit guides. I know how to work together with them in order to bring your reading to light in a way that applies and makes sense to you.

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