How To Channel Love Into Your Life

Everything you receive in life is greatly influenced by how you feel or think. One person can go through exactly the same circumstances but have an entirely different experience than someone else just because they viewed it differently. For example, people can look at failure and learning new things as being beneficial to growth and development, or as frightening and bad. This is definitely true for love, as well.

Aside from altering how you experience life, and making it more positive and more rewarding, changing how you think can also affect your attitude, your behavior, and your beliefs. This can in turn help you to channel love into your life. It can even break the negative patterns you have experienced with old relationships.

People often attract others who are at their same level of emotional, spiritual, and mental health. Of course, this isn’t always the case—some people end up mismatched—but it is a good rule of thumb. The kind of signals and energy you project into the universe directly affects what you will get back. If you have had a painful past when it comes to romance you understand how that outlook on love can become damaged. This is when most people send out negative, angry, broken energy.

Forgiveness and changing how you feel and think about your past relationships is very important. You have to learn to move away from the pain of those previous relationships, and leave that pain in the past where it belongs. Without doing this you can’t be positive about future love. This doesn’t mean sugar-coating or glossing over harmful things that you experienced, but you can look at previous relationships as lessons in love. Perhaps you learned what love is or isn’t, and other valuable knowledge–and that is a great thing. Every painful thing that we experience has something to teach us, so look for those gems of knowledge. If nothing else, you learned that you can survive.

Your first and biggest goal is to that release negative energy which travels through negative emotions. These are emotions like anger, resentment, grudges, pain. You can relinquish these feelings by changing how you think about an event or person. You are on the right track once you start emitting compassion, forgiveness, and love once again. Other people can feel and since those angry vibrations just as much as they can sense happy and loving ones.

Also change the way you see yourself. If you are holding unto any negative views of your own identity they are likely obstructing your way to love and happiness. Build up your own confidence and self esteem, and learn to love yourself first. Tap into those fountains of love and wisdom within you. Learn to define your own value rather than allowing someone else to define it for you. Overcome fears of failure and rejection by learning not to take them personally; other people’s opinions of you do not define who you are. It is also important that you heal any other broken parts of yourself and learn to be happy single and not need to be in a relationship in order to find fulfillment in life. All of these positive, healing changes that start within the mind will draw love into your life.

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