Capricorn Love Scopes

Dec 22-Jan 19

Capricorn 2Capricorn your  strong will and charming personality lets face it,  this is who you are, so be confident. With those negative thoughts you can sabotage your own happiness with doubts and insecurities. Over analyzing can exaggerate simple misunderstandings, so learn to let go simple things that triggers feud between you and your partner. Keep your sarcasm  in check so that you can  avoid more conflicts. Yes, you are intellectual and well-informed, but you are not always right, so learn how to tone down your attitude when making decisions with your partner. Taking the time out to listen and to understand and to recognize ones faults can do a world of good for you and your partner. Think about doing something you enjoy together or maybe starting a new project together remember to heads are better than one. Working together can actually bring you closer as you work as a team. 

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