Cancer Oracle Reading

In the beginning of the month we are presented with (Believing In Magic)

True magic is abounding in my life, believing in the impossible. Trying not to lean to our own understanding, because our own understanding can be limited sometimes. Believe in the impossible, Believe in miracles. You will see an abundance of greatness, that can start as small signs and wonders that will be to even greater possibilities. Things that you have desired, Things that you have worked so hard for.  Have faith in the dreams and visions, you cannot see, but you can see with your spiritual eyes. So hold on to those possibilities, as we start at the beginning of the month.

The middle oF the Month we are presented with flying free

Flying free, I unfurl my wings and fly. For the middle of the month  there is liberation, being free in your spirit, soaring among heights in your ambition. Ignoring the negative, people who say that you cannot do it, soaring to your highest height. Soaring amongst the clouds, Soaring amongst the water. The water symbolizes your emotions, the bird symbolizes the symbol of peace to your highest heights. Also soar amongst your obstacles, as you look at the mountains that symbolizes obstacles. Spirit says sore in what you believe in, and those things that are pending what you’re waiting for, will come to pass. Being liberated in your spirit to the point thank you have the ability to move forward. Moving forward in your destiny, In your true self. The middle of the month will be a month where you will see results.

The end of the month is expecting miracles

Miracles are a blossoming in my life, they’re growing in my life Believe in those miracles. It’s time to start believing in yourself, And as you believe in yourself expect the miracles to manifest. So again if you’re reading for something that is pending try not to be doubtful of the matter. Think of the positive an believe that it will work out in your favor.

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