Cancer Love Scopes For January

June 21-Jul 22

cancereditCancer there is so much running in your head as usual as your  nature pulls you into a different direction.  A part of you want to explore more, but another part of you are enjoying the fruits of  your relationship, pause for a while and breathe this just may be a real Kodak moment. The special time  that you share with your partner needs to be archived in your book of memories. You should be feeling happy as of now, things are going well and you seem to be on the right path with your relationship. However those hidden challenges also may seem come out of know where. However don’t get discouraged, those small  bumps in the road is only for a season. Remember you love deep love is what binds you together, and know one can bring that divide. Yes , it’s good when you stand up to proclaim you’re the love that you have for each other, and it is also good to speak even louder when your protecting your love.  Cancer when you both keep the lines of communication open it only strengthens your love. Give your partner time to think things, that there is something you need to work out together. He will be more than happy to work it out with you, patience is the key factor to survive it, so let your calmness dominate for a moment.

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