Cancer Love Reading For November

Memories From the Past Needing Closure

Video Notes

This will be a general love reading for Cancer. Hopefully your able to get something out of this reading to give you clarity. Cancer is a water sign that is very connected with their emotions and very intuitive. So we will do the past, present and the future. We will start with the :

(Past) Six of Cups

Spirit shows me that there’s someone in your past that you constantly think about, you constantly dream about the good times that you both shared and you think about all the fun that you had together. You find yourself thinking about this person constantly and you can’t get this person out of your system. You may be at a place  in your life where you’re still holding on to the past memories you’ve both shared.

(Present) Queen Of Cups

This could be a woman who you’re constantly thinking about, and you can’t get that person out of your mind. You may want to reignite the relationship again and you could be wondering if that’s a possibility. You shared such happy times together.

(Near Future) The Moon

This particular person that you’re thinking about in your past and that you may want back into your life, You also could be dreaming about this person with the moon card in the tarot. You may have a deeper connection with this person such as the soul mate connection. With the moon in the tarot  I see that there maybe something in the dark that may not be clearly seen. This may be something that was  mysterious about the individual or person you’re dreaming about. You have such a deep connection with this person emotionally and you may have felt that you’ve both have a lot in common. However this person may have fallen off the radar, you were talking to him one day and then you find that you’re not able to get in touch this person.


(Far Future) Memories Of Love (Six of Cups)

You have the memories which is confirmation to the first card pull from your past which is the six of cups and the six of cups tells us that we have memories of that person we shared our love with.

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