Cancer Forecast For December


Cancer singles in your sign are likely to be yearning for companionship this week, but not necessarily in the form of either commitment or physical passions. Sometimes a temporary romantic fling is all that you need. Cancer you will come off as very charming and magnetic this week so you could reel in some new friends of the opposite sex. Physical intimacy and cuddling are in the works for couples who will likely enjoy an overall dreamy and wonderful week together. You will feel inspired to let go of some of your inhibitions and just enjoy the sway of life and love.


Recently the North and South Nodes have been balancing one another out in the important areas of your life: home and career. Things will begin to shift about this time so you can expect an explosion of work and life pressures, but not all necessarily bad. Cancer relies on the energy from the Moon when she returns to your work sector and take advantage of this busy week, as it will also be an important one. Try to use this influential time to leave an impression and make some substantial progress in your career.

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