Cancer Forecast For August

Cancer Forecast For August


Love Forecast

Saturn is entering your love sector once again and you will be encouraged and prompted to reevaluate your relationship situation. Saturn is the planet not only of limitation but commitment, therefore a few different possibilities will open up, good or bad. The important thing is that you consider what you have been learning and use that knowledge wisely to make the best decisions. Venus is not extremely favorable for you now as it is positioned in Leo, so be wary when carrying out your choices. If you are already in a relationship you may face some challenges with priorities.

Career Forecast

Your finances and career life may see some positive influences coming up this week. Venus will in your income sector and Jupiter, the planet often associated with luck, will be partnering up with her. This is great news for your job and you might be met by a lot of fortunate surprises. You may feel, however, that this period of success is cut short because Saturn will also be spending time in your work sector. Thankfully Saturn will only put a pause on things for a little while. During this time it is important that you keep working hard and putting effort into the job, remember that sooner or later you will get your rewards.

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