Aries Love Tarot Reading February 2017

Love On The Horizon

Seeking possible answer with the Moon card in the tarot follow your gut and intuition. Giving much of yourself and Wanting to be appreciated for your hard work. 7 of Wands says to stand your ground and to stay in a ready position. The 4 of wands you receiving the blessings that you have been longing for.


The Three of Pentacles

Recognition and reward get ready aries to see the reward of your hard work. Something or someone who will give you the notice or recognition that you’re looking for or you feeling appreciated for your hard work.  Most of the times when you’re doing things from your heart you don’t really look for recognition however there may be a desire to feel appreciated for your hard work.


The Moon Card

Dealing with the Shadow side of a situation or a person. The mood card may relay the message that you need to look closely about the situation. The moon can be about mystery things that are done in the dark. You may want to know more about the person and they may shut down communication on some untouchable topics. So you may feel a desire to want answers that are pulling at you.


The Seven Of Wands

Says Stand your ground be firm on what you believe in with your current situation.  Sometimes we feel that our foundation is shaken because of the activities on the outside. You may feel that someone or an outside energy is trying to shake your foundation. Keen your focused and hold your wand in your hand that symbolize your passion.


4 of Wands

Love is abounding it is working out for you even if it doesn’t feel like it at the time. The 4 of wands speaks about stability in your household. If you’re single stand your ground in what you believe in and what you want to come to pass for you.  The 4 of wands says that you will get the blessings that you are waiting for. You will see the manifestation of those blessings.


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