Aries Inspirational Tarot Reading For November

Aries Tarot Reading For November



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In the beginning of the month we are presented with the (8 Of Wands )

It means a lot of action in the beginning of the month, This may mean there’s a lot of things that you have to get done. Especially now it’s around the holidays so this could mean organizing and getting things done with family, or connecting with family. This can also mean flying on a  trip for the holidays.

The middle of The month we are presented with the (King of Wands).


This is a month of getting things done also when it comes to business or career. This is an energy business our work getting things done in because to career. This can also be a time where you trying to plan out which direction ago as well and putting into manifestation your dreams and your visions.

The end of the month we have the (Four of Swords),

This may mean you will be thinking and contemplating . This could be about also taking a mental rest revamping your plan, on how you’re going to go about moving forward. This could be a respite time especially around the holidays this could be a time for relaxation  or connecting with yourself.

Overall this reading is about movement, action and bringing into manifestation those things that you desire to do. Getting ready for the new year of  2016.

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