Aries Forecast For November

Aries Forecast For November



It is a good idea to approach the week with the future in mind. Think about what that next step should be in your love life, and consider what you want most out of romance. For you this could mean any number of things. You may be single or in a relationship, but regardless, it is a good time to decide what is right. This might mean taking a closer look at a crush or reevaluation some current standards or a relationship you are in. Try not to worry too much and, if need be, seek a friend or your partner to discuss your thoughts with. Because you are having an easy time expressing yourself communication is a very good thing now.



This week Jupiter will aspect the 10th house, which isn’t exactly a good thing for your career when it comes to reaping the rewards of your work. It still may be a beneficial time to take action on your business, however, and move things along. Because this will be a rather thoughtful week for you, full of considering the needs and desires of others, you may also encounter some indecisiveness when confronted with choices. Picking your battles may be a key component in having a positive and successful week, but that shouldn’t be too difficult for you.

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