Aries Forecast For August

Aries Forecast For August

Love Forecast

The planets haven’t aligned to such an advantageous degree for your love life in years, so you can expect a lot of very positive energies. Venus is returning to your love sector as early in the year as possible. Not only is the planet of love coming to give you her support, but lucky Jupiter will be joining her. Whether you are in a relationship or single you can be confident knowing that you have the universe on your side. If you are in a relationship you can expect closeness and excitement, and if you are single that may be about to change.

Career Forecast

When it comes to your job you may find yourself somewhat detached, distracted, and even indifferent to what is going on around you this week. You are probably not functioning at your best so don’t make any big financial decisions or life choices in the area of your career. Try listening to your environment to pick up clues and tune yourself in. If you are having trouble handling the stress of your job use your relationships to relax and ease your mind. By interacting with your loved ones you will also see your family life and social life improve, so it is a win-win.


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