Aquarius Tarot Love Soaps January

Aquarius ruled by Uranus

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I will  be using the John Holland Psychic Tarot From of The Heart  these are the new ones and I’m getting myself familiar with these which they are great very positive energy ok so what do we know about Aquarius we know that Aquarius it is ruled by Uranus. What do we know about Aquarius their humanitarian friendly, inventive, intellectual could people Aquarius are.


We are going to do Past, Present and Future let’s see what spirit have to say or will say for Aquarius.


We have for the past Nurture which is the Major Arcana which is the Empress card. This is a good start you see the woman in the garden this remind me of growth embracing life in general. Embracing and connecting to your surroundings. Connecting with the goodness of life with the Empress in the tarot. This is also about growth and new beginnings that I see with the Empress. Things that could be in the beginning  stages and  new ideas. Things that might of naught manifested yet but you have the ideas to do it. This means that the ideas will bring prosperity or increase and growth. It will grow into something that will manifest something you will be able to see the fruits of your labor. This can also mean fertility just as well, it could be new beginnings in fertility just as well with the Empress, but it is something new. Something that is in the very beginnings stages that will manifest. So that is your past is showing with the Empress.


Let’s see what the  Present Position will bring

This is the Major Arcana number 15 this represents the Devil in the tarot. Habits that you may be trying to shake, things that you may be struggling with. Struggle that we are one thing to overcome. This is what the present may be, this could be procrastination or preventive you to move forward


Future Position (6 of Cups)

With the 6 Of Cups we have happiness this is thoughts of happiness as well. Trying to capture the past with the 6 of cups.This can also mean that someone has resurfaced from your past with the 6 of Cups. Trying to rekindle something from the past with the six of cups, This could be a relationship reading, it seems that in the beginning is seems it was about productivity achieving your dreams and golds.  This tell me that there is something that kind of blocking you and hindering you. It seems like this could be a person you would like to rekindle a relationship with from your past.  I get a sense that it is someone who you do love, and it may have been difficult for you to let go. There could be some recurring thoughts that keeps coming back, it could be a situation or an event that your concerned about. Or it could be a person as well that you constantly think about.  Your thinking about the past, and it seems as though that you’re trying to move from the past. This is that it look like in the near future. I will pull one more card  for the far future to get more clarity.


The 6 Of Wands (Believe and Succeed )


This look like an energy to move forward not allowing things to hold you back. Not allowing yourself to feel trapped or to feel stuck. What spirit is saying for you to move forward not allowing things to hold you back. Also not to feel trapped mentally as well. With the 6 of Wands in the tarot and to overcome your obstacles. To overcome your obstacle to believe in yourself to achieve your desires.


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