Aquarius Loves Scopes

Jan 20-Feb 18

Aquarius 3Looking for a potential partner? Your practicality won’t buy you love. Though it is true that it pays to think practically when building lifetime relationships, but it can also derail you from finding the right partner. It is not always a game of survival when it comes to love, you need to realize that sacrifices, that are given freely can communicate love. And the more love you give, the higher the potential of something good is  bound to happen in your way.  You may be going through a challenging  period at this time after a difficult break up. Your getting frustrated by not finding that special someone who kind of reminds you of your past love. Now it’s time to look forward to a new beginning in love and leave the past behind. You may also find that your heart is still healing from the past break up, and alone time make give you more of a sense of clarity.  It’s good to think about your past only not to make the same mistakes for your future. Leave all the broken feelings behind as you start this new chapter in your life. Clear the pathway of love as you open the doors of your heart to receive your soul mate your true love. 

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