Aquarius Love Scopes For February

AquariuseditTrust your gut, only you can tell if his sweet talk is for real.  Have you been getting mixed emotions on where you relationship stands? Have you also been wondering does he really love you? Maybe it’s time for a little sitdown between the both of you,  get  your cards out on the table. It’s better to have an understanding with communication other than not speaking whats on your heart.  Maybe it’s not what it seems,  or maybe it is, however opening the lines of communication is key to knowing the truth.

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If your single  allow yourself the freedom of being single. Enjoy the simple pleasures of life and take your time when finding your soul mate. Know that the pathway of love is set for you try not to be too you’re dating. Remember that it’s a good start out as friends while you pace yourself without any strings attached. Being friends when your single is an opportunity for you to get to know the person you want to spend your time or maybe get into a committed relationship. Don’t be surprised if there’s someone behind the scenes that had been checking you out, glancing at you when you’re dating. Maybe it would be the person that steals your heart away. So keep your eyes and ears open for that special someone who will enter into your life and remember not to be shy be bold and vivacious!


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