Aquarius Forecast For November

Aquarius Forecast For November


Those who are single may find themselves in a new relationship, possibly with someone at a long distance over social media. Whether single or in a relationship you may have big romantic hopes, dreams, or fantasies—like most of us—this week, but don’t be discouraged if these ideas become crushed by the world. If this is the case remove yourself from negativity and go to your quiet place, take some time for healing and don’t give up altogether on your dreams.


The Moon will be returning to your work sector at the perfect time for your work life, right when you need her energies most. The influence of the Moon in this part of your sector is a good reminder as to where you are moving towards in your career. It also helps to shed some light on professional matters. You may really need some time to yourself this week in order to set your thoughts straight and regroup, and this may be something of a challenge, but it could be worth fighting for.

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  1. Good day.. i had watch your video on aquarius tarot reading for march 2018 where you said something like dont fret… i am aquarius and my boyfriend online is sagittarius. While i watch the video.. it seems that you are telling our love story. We met online and youre right, many timess i worried bec i didnt rcvd any msg from him.. specially last jan 14.. but everythings ok now.. back to our normal love rel and he said that he really loves me but sometimes i dont feel it or if his sincere bec he seldom msg me but he said he wants to marry me.. i hope this is all true bec i really do love him.. and im scared bec i had many scars from the past.. pls help me to know if his really my future husband or are we getting married.. im sorry i cant pay.. i have no credit card.. its ok if you ignore this bec i cant pay.. i understand.. really.. just want to share this.. and that im so happy and excited bec you read me accurately.. it really resonated. Thanx again Bye ^_^

    • inspirationalone // March 3, 2018 at 9:45 pm // Reply

      Greetings Loverly.
      Follow me on my channel at taraonelovecoach Here i will be speaking more on topics such as this one an many more. So you can share in the comment section at taraonelovecoach there and i will address your topic there so that you can get more insight on your situation. Blessings Tara

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