Aquarius Forecast For December


Those who are single will be more concerned with something aside from romance, be it work, family, friends, school, or hobbies. As for couples, sometimes—or perhaps quite often—love can be hard and it takes work. You will have to invest some effort and energy into your relationship this week to try have an enjoyable experience together, but this is okay. If you focus you might learn something about yourself or your partner that will make future problems easier to deal with. Be careful as you proceed through this week and think over the things you do and say before you act.


It might seem like elders or even just more experienced individuals will feel like imparting experiences and wisdom on you this week at work. You may feel like you don’t have the time or energy to listen to them but make sure you are at least polite. In the long run you could actually end up learning something important from them. Sticking close to the routine may help you to deal with situations that are overwhelming or stressful. Avoid taking loans this week or job hopping, if you can, as those doesn’t appear to be a very promising areas for you right now.

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