Aquarius Forecast For August

Aquarius Forecast For August


While this week might mark a period of adventures and excitement between you and your lover, it is also important that you use caution and reason when making big decisions. This is likely to be a time full of energy and possibilities between you and your lover, so enjoy the romantic freedom between the two of you. Don’t exhaust yourself this week by trying to get too much done, and be somewhat wary of sharing financial information with your partner.


The Moon is making a visit to your work sector this week and shortly after that Neptune will be in retrograde motion. This means a lot is likely to be going on in your career, and much of it will be just centering yourself and tuning yourself in to the heartbeat of your job. The good news is that Venus will be departing your career sector so you will have a little breathing room during that time to evaluate what is going on. This period of stillness will not last long, however, as before you know it the other planets will be surging into your career sector. Enjoy the clarity and quiet you have while it lasts and use it to save strength for what is to come.

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