A Tarot Reading With Tara?

What is a Tarot Reading with Tara?

A tarot reading requires more time and spiritual energy that can give you clearness on a pressing question in regards to love and relationships. A tarot reading can also give you a financial outlook for the up and coming months,or to give you insight on a pressing situation that you may be going through.

What is a Facebook Consultation with Tara?

Facebook Consultations (Must Have An Active Facebook Account)

A Facebook Consultation is NOT a TAROT READING. However It can be used if you have questions on a relationship matter and you need ADVICE on a particular matter or more Clarity after a Purchased Reading.  I realized that not every question may require a tarot reading, however you may have a question that you may simply want advice on a particular issue. You can also start off with a Facebook consultation and then decide whether you would like a more deeper reading with a purchased tarot reading, Answers for advice type of questions are also guided by my spirit guides as well.

For A Facebook consultation

1.First schedule and purchase a consultation

2.Then contact me on my Facebook Page click on “Send Message”

Email Readings

For Email Readings view Products and Packages

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Cancellation No Show Policy

If you have scheduled a Tarot Reading and you find that you have to cancel your appointment, please give a 24 hour advance notice. (I DO NOT GIVE REFUNDS) if there is no 24 hour advance notice. Also (I DO NOT GIVE REFUNDS AFTER A PURCHASED READING) Please give a 24 hour advance notice so there will not be any confusion. Also make sure that the time you do set a side for your scheduled reading is also a time that you are available so there will not be any misunderstandings. If you would like to reschedule your appointment please also do this 24 hour in advance before your scheduled appointment. Also if you have any question in regards to this you can contact me at contact@inspirationalone.com or you can contact me on my Facebook page here.

If you fail to show up on your scheduled appointment this will be considered a NO SHOW and you will be charged the total cost of your appointment. (NO REFUND FOR NO SHOWS).

Before you schedule a reading please read the Cancellation No Show Policy


I want to inform you that reading or any of my services are for entertainment purposes only, and not to be used in place of Medical or Legal Advice.

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