5 Tips To Finding your Soul Mate

Here are five simple tips to finding your soul mate



What makes the quest so exhausting is when you don’t know what you are looking for. It could turn out to be a series of trial and error, for some it works, but it is really consuming and you might end up empty when you find the RIGHT ONE. So before you start looking for your perfect match or your soul mate try to know yourself first. How can you tell that this person is the missing half of your soul if you are not sure where your matching points are, because you don’t even know yourself?


Practically how can you fish if you don’t keep yourself in the desert? Some might say if he’s the right one for you the universe will conspire to have your paths meet, but frankly that’s not always the case. For if that is, then why the word “regrets” is still in the dictionary and there are lots of people still experiencing its sting?

So if you want to meet your soul mate be on the “right” playing field and let the world know you exist.


The saddest part of one’s life is to wake up one day and you realized that you settle with someone because you are just afraid to be alone and then finding this perfect person that can turn your world upside down. We’re not suggesting that you don’t commit in a relationship, but the point is you should commit with your right reason. Don’t just jump in a relationship for the sake of having one.

It is easy to attract people when you are too pleasant and you are all worked up, but the question is how long will they like you? Will they still choose to stay when you get tired of those pleasantries? Will they still like you when those makeup fades? Remember finding your soul mate is finding the right person who can accept you as who you are without throwing judgment or rejection on your flaws. You can’t be real if you keep on masking your weaknesses. Your journey to find your lasting companion and your happy ever after will only start when you begin to love  yourself completely without “ifs” or “buts”.


Nothing more appealing than a very positive person, someone who always sees the silver lining of each situation. As mention above finding your soul mate doesn’t always mean you’ll have them as your partner. Let’s take the scenario we had, you settle earlier than you should and meeting your soul mate later in your life. Does it mean you will throw your hand in the air together with your relationship and run away with your soul mate? We suggest, “NO!” Sometimes your soul mate can be your closest friend, so don’t drown yourself with regrets just yet. Any kind of relationship with the person you feel completely accepted and comfortable with is good for you and it can nourish you as an individual so treasure it. You might not end up being each other’s lifetime companion as husband and wife, but the mere fact that your path have crossed means you have purpose in each other’s lives, so explore it and you might find a one of a kind friendship.

Finding your soul mate and your one great love at the same time in one persona is the most wonderful blessing one could have. All the magical feelings was there together with the practical matters that make it so real. One can only wish to find it in the right time, one can only hope not to get tired from waiting and one should be courageous enough to take the plunge when it is time.

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