Key Points To Building Your Self Esteem

How to Build Your Self-Esteem After A Bad Break-Up

Relationships are hard but break-ups are even harder. One of the hardest parts of a break-up is the hope and belief in yourself, whether it be a matter of believing in your own capabilities to find another relationships or to do better than the one you just lost; but all the same, your self-esteem cannot survive in any measure if you do not believe in yourself. Maybe you have been down this road before and feel like you’ll follow the same path again. Nonetheless, you must have faith in yourself in order to break that cycle because no matter what the circumstances might be, the key to rebuilding yourself is believing in who you are building. So rather than hanging your head, look ahead of you with a gaze of foresight at what you can be and what you are now.


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“It takes two to tango.” Ever heard that before? I’m sure you have and I’m sure you think the phrase to be cliché, but all the same you simply can’t blame yourself for the way things have ended. You might have had a play in the hand that was dealt, more than likely you did have some part in it all, but you can’t be the one to blame because your partner had a choice too. They made the choice to walk the path that led to the end of the road for the both of you. You know this is true and that can only mean that the blame can’t possibly be yours to bear, and blame is a burden too heavy for self-esteem to stand tall. Shake the blame off your shoulders and stretch in the freedom of relieving that burden. You are only a part of the equation so acknowledge that part but never forget you were only one factor in it all.


Move Forward And Don’t Forget to Love Yourself

It’s never easy to venture forth into a world without the one that you had imagined so differently before. You used to have something and now you think of the sharing involved in what you once were. It’s perfectly normal but you can’t stay that way forever….not if you want better for yourself than the hardship of the break-up. The person you were while you were with your partner is still the person you are without them. So you can still move forward and make plans and look towards a brighter day that can even be better than any you have ever had before. Standing still never got anyone across the finish line nor did it bring them their trophy. It’s a prize that requires one step in front of the other but it also takes belief that you can have it for yourself. Love yourself and never forget that though the past was real, the future hasn’t been made yet, so who says it can’t be surreal.

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